Here are three great reasons to put your home up for sale this spring.

You probably already know that the springtime is an especially busy time for home sellers. But why is that? Today we’ll explore the three factors that make spring a fantastic time to sell a home.

1. People are ready to get outside. After sitting in their homes all winter, buyers are ready to get out into the market to look for their new homes.

2. Home appreciation. Over the past several months, home appreciation has been anywhere between 5% and 15%, meaning home values are on the rise. The spring market is a great time to get the highest possible price for your property.

3. People are getting their tax returns. Buyers can put their tax money towards a down payment on a home. Sellers can also use their returns to make updates on their homes to increase their values.

Whether you’re flirting with the idea or actually ready to list your home, don’t hesitate to call or email me with any questions you have. I’d love to help you through the process.